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All New Lavish 3D Mink Lashes

  • Types: Boachella, Boss, Bossy, Bougie, Candy Bae, Coolie, Doll, Harlem, Heart Breaker, Her, Hershey-Ray, Jelousy, Little Miss, No Trace, Oh Really, Pretty, Queenup, Really Me, Sabrina, Sipping Me Henny, Skyler, Sub Up, Unforgettable, XOXO

Lavish Synthetic Lashes

  • Types: Back that thing up, Barbie, Classy Chick, Kailani, Love & Slay, Oh Baby, Sabrina 411, Talk To Me Nice, Ma’Damn, Mella Clapback, Shawty, That Bitch, Trophy Gal, Ya Dig